Martin may have not lost a lot of weight but he has certainly has lost 2 trousers size from 40” to 36” now which is 4” off his waist. He was between 38”- 40” but wore 40” most of the time as a comfortable size to wear.

It took him 6 months to get to where he is now in a comfortable zone. He is still progressing by following nutrition meal plans and workout programs ranging from cardio to weights with my full support.

What’s the different with Weight & Size – 

The different is weight will always be up and down or stable because you may either be building muscles which makes you heavier or slow to lose weight which is fine, size is where you will know if you are losing weight because you have drop in clothes size. 

Overall it’s important to stay consistently with your workouts and nutrition plans.

Here’s what Martin has to say about the workouts and nutrition programmes –

For a number of years, I have been thinking of doing workouts but have lack of willpower to do so until I met Andie. During the earlier Coronavirus pandemic, I saw an advert on Facebook about workouts via Zoom online, I thought, why not, I have nothing to lose. I first met him online doing weights exercise and fell in love. I enjoyed his laid back approach and have built a great rapport with him. Since then I have been learning how to manage foods by clean eating and doing weights workouts. He would be there if I need help or advices. Andie has transformed my attitude toward my health and wellbeing and I am grateful for this.



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