Nutrition is one of the most ingredients that is base on what your body needs. Everyone will always struggle even including fitness experts, like myself. To get the grip of your nutrition meal plan will take time and understand what your body needs. There will always be a trial and error, there is no rights and wrongs.

There are different type of people who can pretty much eat anything and still be slim, well build. Do they realised what they are putting in their bodies? For those gain weight and size tends to struggle to adapt, this is because their body is so used to what been put in their body.

This is where the ingredients plays a part, it’s about what is in the food that you eat that may not be healthy for you. There are other ways to avoid and still have the same amount of food or same type of food that will look guilty but it’s a healthy version.

The are ways to look into this and how to know how much to eat or need, such as carbs, protein and fats. This is called Calories intake. It’s based on your weight that will decide how much you need to eat per day.

Calorie Deficit can be quite complicated, within time you will be pleased with your outcome. Calorie Deficit is same as calorie intake but with the amount of workout you will be doing is also important to factor that. For Example : Calorie Intake is 2500 – Burn Calories is 3000. In simple understanding is to burn more than your calories intake.

For example :-

Imagine that Balance as a scale –

To put weight on (body fat) then you need to eat more calories each day

To lose weight (body fat) then you need to eat fewer calories or move more to tip the balance towards being in a deficit.

Do we have to do exercise to lose weight along with nutrition meal plan?

NO you can lose weight without a single exercise, you may need this to enable get the weight down first to feel ready and able to do the exercise. Two ways to do this is – portion controls using specific containers that is already measured for you or using a plate, using your mind to oversee what you put on your plate.

In an ideal world, it is recommend to do some form of exercises such as walking, cycling, running to help to stay in calories deficit. This would benefit to gain confident before starting a program of your choice.


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